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Xiaoyan holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Postdoctoral Researcher specializing in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. Her primary research focus lies in the comprehensive study of behavior and the underlying neural-mechanisms governing spatial navigation. With a nine-year continuous working with bats, Xiaoyan has completed achievements ranging from the development of a soft robotic system emulating bat bio-sonar capabilities to recording neuron activity within the hippocampus during dynamic target tracking. Her research has been published in PNAS, Nature Machine Intelligence, etc. Xiaoyan is an Engineer at heart and also fascinated by neuro-science, demonstrating an unwavering passion for advancing the field of Neuroengineering. As a Neural Engineer Research Scientist at NeuroTech Institute, Xiaoyan will utilize her expertise towards the development of cutting-edge neurotechnologies aimed at helping individuals who are suffering from neurological disorders. When she is not at work, she likes to try new things to enrich her life and maintains a perpetual curiosity.

Xiaoyan Yin, PhD

Neural Engineer Research Scientist

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