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As an occupational therapist and postdoctoral fellow at the Neurotech Institute, Sarah Anderson, mentored by Dr. Lauren Wengerd, dedicates her expertise to neuromotor rehabilitation, employing innovative technologies for individuals with neurological impairments. Her pivotal role involves leading clinical interventions in a technology feasibility study targeting adults with spinal cord injuries. Sarah's research trajectory is marked by a deep commitment to interactive virtual technologies, specifically harnessing virtual reality for cognitive and motor rehabilitation across a spectrum of neurological conditions. Her previous endeavors encompass interactive solutions for safety training, accessibility, and rehabilitation, reflecting her proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative clinical research. An esteemed contributor to her field, Sarah's insights resonate through her 11 co-authored publications and presentations at over 40 prestigious conferences. Her work earned significant recognition, including a notable grant from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Sarah's current clinical practice spans all facets of pediatric rehabilitation, reaffirming her devotion to using advanced technology in healing neurological impairments.

Sarah Anderson, PhD, OTD, OTR/L

Neurological Occupational Therapy Post Doc

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