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Dr. Megan S Keiser joins the Neurotech Institute as a Principal Investigator and brings profound expertise from her background in Neuroscience, particularly in developing AAV-based therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. Her remarkable journey includes impactful leadership as the Director of Translational Neuroscience, spearheading programs for conditions like spinocerebellar ataxia and Alzheimer's Disease, and conducting pivotal safety and efficacy studies. Dr. Keiser stands out for her innovative work in gene therapies for neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases, holding multiple patents in directed gene therapy delivery. She co-founded Latus Bio Inc, contributing significantly to the field with publications in eminent journals such as Nature Medicine and Molecular Therapy. Her current exploration in cellular mechanisms to modulate the nervous system underscores her commitment to transforming patient care in neurological disorders. Beyond her scientific contributions, Dr. Keiser harbors a passion for the creative arts, previously engaging in tap dance instruction and community theater. Now settled in Columbus, she balances her dedication to neuroscience with family life and a keen anticipation to delve into the local artistic scene.

Megan Keiser, PhD

Principal Investigator | Cell Modulation Researcher

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