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Tim Lucas is a board certified neurosurgeon with subspecialty fellowships in surgical neuro-oncology, brain tumor mapping, and functional neurosurgery. His clinical practice focuses on brain surgery in eloquent regions such as the language cortex, sensorimotor cortex, and visual and hearing cortex, as well as deep regions of the brain. As a tenured neural engineer (Neurosurgery, Engineering, & Business), his translational focus is developing novel neurotechnology for the treatment of neurological conditions such as paralysis. With his work being published in numerous medical journals such as PNAS, Nature Medicine, and Nature Communications, Dr. Lucas has dedicated his life to defying limits. As a standing member of the NIH study section on neuro devices, he leads from the heart with the core belief that all people deserve a life free from suffering caused by neurological disease. Since childhood, Tim has sought to fill his life with rich experiences. Whether by land, sea or air, Tim continues to explore the world. Tim is an avid sailor, open water diver, mountaineer, white-water kayaker, sky diver, and triathlete. When not adventuring with family, he can be spotted on a motorcycle somewhere in the Alps.

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