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Our Research: A Closer Look

At its core, Neurotech Institute is driven by a team of dedicated experts who believe in the importance of developing the deserved level of technology for those suffering from neurological conditions. Among those experts is Dr. Sarah Anderson, an occupational therapist and Post-Doctoral Fellow specializing in pediatric and neurological rehabilitation. “My goal is always to help people live their lives fully and safely within their homes and communities,” she stated.

At NeuroTech Institute, Dr. Anderson works with principal investigator Dr. Lauren Wengerd researching neurorehabilitation via a novel EMG/FES neuro-orthosis device. Specifically, Dr. Anderson works directly with participants by delivering therapeutic activities in conjunction with the device, improving motor skills and assessing the difficulty of each action. Ultimately, the goal of her research is to have a direct impact on the patients’ lives such as improving physical and cognitive neurorehabilitation, home and community safety, and rehabilitation and assistive technologies. As a student, Dr. Anderson described being frustrated with the inaccessibility of technology due to slow research advancements in the field. “Now, as a post-doctoral fellow at OSU and NTI, I am able to capitalize on all the supports available to me as a researcher at OSU and combine them with the outcomes-focused initiative at NTI to accelerate my research and hopefully make a broader community impact,” she explained. 

As a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Anderson and others alike are incredibly valuable to our mission. We are constantly looking for more brilliant and unique minds who seek to fill the gaps left behind by current medical technology. If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more about how to participate in NeuroTech Institute’s mission, please reach out to


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