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NeuroTech Institute’s Newest Home the Pelotonia Research Center!

NeuroTech Institute is excited to announce our new research location at the newly constructed Pelotonia Research Center (PRC). Located at 2255 Kenny Road, PRC is made up of 305,000 square feet filled with new facilities and resources for integrative research across multiple fields. Just next door, our administrative team is located at the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center. Both buildings are some of the first to open at Ohio State's developing innovation district, Carmenton; a space dedicated to fueling growth in the central Ohio region.

We are thrilled to have our team working so closely together and look forward to using this cross-disciplinary environment to facilitate collaborative problem-solving.  Being fully embedded with clinical disciplines like psychiatry, neurology, and radiology, as well as hard sciences like engineering and cell biology creates an atmosphere of cross-pollination that will accelerate innovation. NTI will be able to collaborate with talented physicians and experts from various fields which is crucial in the development of disruptive and transformative technologies that can solve real-world problems. In addition, the parking is extremely close to the building! 


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