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Meet Doctor Megan S. Keiser

Dr. Keiser’s interest in neuroscience began at the age of 11 when she witnessed her grandmother’s invisible battle of early-onset Alzheimer’s; “…it really got me thinking about how mysterious and powerful the brain [is.]” To this day her goal is to improve the lives and futures of patients with neurological disabilities through neurological innovation.


Originally from Iowa, Dr. Keiser attended the University of Iowa where she received both her Bachelors in Integrative Physiology and her doctorate in Neuroscience under Dr. Beverly L. Davidson. Here, Dr. Keiser stated, is where she “learned that a scientist can be successful and innovative while still being empathetic and kind.” With her research on AAV-based therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and past leadership as Director of Translational Neuroscience at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, her extensive expertise in the neuroscience field plays a crucial role at NeuroTech Institute.


As Principal Investigator specializing in gene therapy, Dr. Keiser works with other members of the NeuroTech research team to scientifically translate specific problems faced by the patient into specialized, practical medical solutions. Some projects Dr. Keiser will be working on include the use of optogenetics in combination with the integration of a budding novel device to reanimate the muscles of patients with paralysis. Additionally, she will be working on a project that uses extracellular vesicles as a non-viral vehicle for various gene therapies to assist in the healing of both chronic traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

Dr. Keiser’s dedication to compassionate innovation is essential to NeuroTech Institute and our commitment to revolutionizing neurotechnology. Her specialization in gene therapy allows us to better understand the patient and develop life-changing medical treatments faster. As Dr. Keiser stated, “knowledge opens up a whole new world.”


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