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Introducing Doctor Lin Du

NeuroTech Institute is honored to welcome Dr. Lin Du as the newest member of our NeuroTech research team. Joining us as Principal Investigator, Dr. Du brings extensive knowledge of the development of multiscale medical systems and human health monitoring and has a passion for improving the quality of lives of those suffering from neurological diseases through innovative solutions. Our collective mission will allow her to work closely with patients, physicians, and field experts to translate her discoveries of important practical medical solutions: “This collaborative environment is crucial in the development of disruptive and transformative technologies,” Dr. Du stated.


Before she joined the NeuroTech team, Dr. Lin Du received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Following her doctoral studies, she researched the integration of DNA and semiconductor techniques at the University of California, Berkley to help develop a point of care sepsis diagnostic platform. In her new role at NeuroTech Institute, Dr. Du will lead innovative research on micro-nano implantable medical systems for paralysis patients, DNA technologies for pathogen diagnoses, and the use of DNA nanostructures to repair damaged neurons for those suffering from neurodegenerative disease.


Dr. Du’s dedication and expertise are vital to our continued mission of maximizing human potential and we look forward to having her join our team: “I am committed to bridging the gap between engineering and medicine, with the goal of developing biomedical systems that not only enhance human health monitoring but also […] save lives.”


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