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Gary Smith

Founder and Managing Director | Life Sciences Technology Group, Ltd.

Gary has successfully led multiple medical technology and life sciences start-ups from concept through market entry and growth.  With unlimited energy and enthusiasm, he brings a robust combination of medical industry knowledge, business-technology strategy and entrepreneurial drive to the table.  Gary has developed significant technology commercialization expertise while nurturing strong relationships with clinical, technology and investment leaders worldwide.

Mr. Smith is Founder and Managing Director of Life Sciences Technology Group, Ltd., an innovative med-tech/life science technology commercialization consulting enterprise.  Additionally, he serves as an Executive in Residence for ProMedica Health Systems Innovations where he evaluates emerging technology commercialization opportunities for the health care system. He is Chief Executive Officer of INFINITY Angioplasty Balloon™ Co, an early commercial stage medical device company developing innovative catheter-based technologies for the treatment of peripheral artery disease, and Principle Investigator for ThermoMorph, Quickflow™ LLC., an early stage MedTech company focused on endovascular mechanical embolectomy and PE devices.   In prior work, Gary served as founding CEO of VentureMed Group, Inc.  Gary served as CEO and Co-Founder of IRDx Inc., an OSU spin-out; CleveX, Inc., a surgical suture-less skin biopsy platform for melanoma detection, which he co-founded with the Cleveland Clinic Innovations; and Interim CEO for Prognostix, LLC, a cardiac biomarker diagnostic Company, founded at the Cleveland Clinic which later became Cleveland Heart Labs.

Prior to turning his career to medical technology start-ups, Gary was Vice President of Battelle Memorial Institutes Life Science group.  There he was responsible for commercial medical research, technology development and commercialization – creating collaborations between Fortune 50 medical companies worldwide and five key DOE National Laboratories across the US.

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