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  • Our Research: A Closer Look

    At its core, Neurotech Institute is driven by a team of dedicated experts who believe in the importance of developing the deserved level of technology for those suffering from neurological conditions. Among those experts is Dr. Sarah Anderson, an occupational therapist and Post-Doctoral Fellow specializing in pediatric and neurological rehabilitation. “My goal is always to help people live their lives fully and safely within their homes and communities,” she stated. At NeuroTech Institute, Dr. Anderson works with principal investigator Dr. Lauren Wengerd researching neurorehabilitation via a novel EMG/FES neuro-orthosis device. Specifically, Dr. Anderson works directly with participants by delivering therapeutic activities in conjunction with the device, improving motor skills and assessing the difficulty of each action. Ultimately, the goal of her research is to have a direct impact on the patients’ lives such as improving physical and cognitive neurorehabilitation, home and community safety, and rehabilitation and assistive technologies. As a student, Dr. Anderson described being frustrated with the inaccessibility of technology due to slow research advancements in the field. “Now, as a post-doctoral fellow at OSU and NTI, I am able to capitalize on all the supports available to me as a researcher at OSU and combine them with the outcomes-focused initiative at NTI to accelerate my research and hopefully make a broader community impact,” she explained. As a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Anderson and others alike are incredibly valuable to our mission. We are constantly looking for more brilliant and unique minds who seek to fill the gaps left behind by current medical technology. If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more about how to participate in NeuroTech Institute’s mission, please reach out to

  • NeuroTech Institute’s Newest Home the Pelotonia Research Center!

    NeuroTech Institute is excited to announce our new research location at the newly constructed Pelotonia Research Center (PRC). Located at 2255 Kenny Road, PRC is made up of 305,000 square feet filled with new facilities and resources for integrative research across multiple fields. Just next door, our administrative team is located at the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center. Both buildings are some of the first to open at Ohio State's developing innovation district, Carmenton; a space dedicated to fueling growth in the central Ohio region. We are thrilled to have our team working so closely together and look forward to using this cross-disciplinary environment to facilitate collaborative problem-solving.  Being fully embedded with clinical disciplines like psychiatry, neurology, and radiology, as well as hard sciences like engineering and cell biology creates an atmosphere of cross-pollination that will accelerate innovation. NTI will be able to collaborate with talented physicians and experts from various fields which is crucial in the development of disruptive and transformative technologies that can solve real-world problems. In addition, the parking is extremely close to the building!

  • Introducing Doctor Lin Du

    NeuroTech Institute is honored to welcome Dr. Lin Du as the newest member of our NeuroTech research team. Joining us as Principal Investigator, Dr. Du brings extensive knowledge of the development of multiscale medical systems and human health monitoring and has a passion for improving the quality of lives of those suffering from neurological diseases through innovative solutions. Our collective mission will allow her to work closely with patients, physicians, and field experts to translate her discoveries of important practical medical solutions: “This collaborative environment is crucial in the development of disruptive and transformative technologies,” Dr. Du stated. Before she joined the NeuroTech team, Dr. Lin Du received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Following her doctoral studies, she researched the integration of DNA and semiconductor techniques at the University of California, Berkley to help develop a point of care sepsis diagnostic platform. In her new role at NeuroTech Institute, Dr. Du will lead innovative research on micro-nano implantable medical systems for paralysis patients, DNA technologies for pathogen diagnoses, and the use of DNA nanostructures to repair damaged neurons for those suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Du’s dedication and expertise are vital to our continued mission of maximizing human potential and we look forward to having her join our team: “I am committed to bridging the gap between engineering and medicine, with the goal of developing biomedical systems that not only enhance human health monitoring but also […] save lives.”

  • Meet Doctor Megan S. Keiser

    Dr. Keiser’s interest in neuroscience began at the age of 11 when she witnessed her grandmother’s invisible battle of early-onset Alzheimer’s; “…it really got me thinking about how mysterious and powerful the brain [is.]” To this day her goal is to improve the lives and futures of patients with neurological disabilities through neurological innovation. Originally from Iowa, Dr. Keiser attended the University of Iowa where she received both her Bachelors in Integrative Physiology and her doctorate in Neuroscience under Dr. Beverly L. Davidson. Here, Dr. Keiser stated, is where she “learned that a scientist can be successful and innovative while still being empathetic and kind.” With her research on AAV-based therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and past leadership as Director of Translational Neuroscience at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, her extensive expertise in the neuroscience field plays a crucial role at NeuroTech Institute. As Principal Investigator specializing in gene therapy, Dr. Keiser works with other members of the NeuroTech research team to scientifically translate specific problems faced by the patient into specialized, practical medical solutions. Some projects Dr. Keiser will be working on include the use of optogenetics in combination with the integration of a budding novel device to reanimate the muscles of patients with paralysis. Additionally, she will be working on a project that uses extracellular vesicles as a non-viral vehicle for various gene therapies to assist in the healing of both chronic traumatic brain and spinal injuries. Dr. Keiser’s dedication to compassionate innovation is essential to NeuroTech Institute and our commitment to revolutionizing neurotechnology. Her specialization in gene therapy allows us to better understand the patient and develop life-changing medical treatments faster. As Dr. Keiser stated, “knowledge opens up a whole new world.”

  • Welcoming Dr. Lauren Wengerd!

    Join us in welcoming Dr. Lauren Wengerd to the NeuroTech Institute team! Dr. Wengerd is an Assistant Professor who brings with her a wealth of knowledge in neurotechnologies for rehabilitation. In her new collaborative role, she will be working with engineers, data scientists, and other healthcare professionals to conduct clinical trials and investigate neurotechnologies for people with paralysis and other neurological impairments. As an occupational therapist specializing in neurorehabilitation, Dr. Wengerd has worked extensively with a variety of neurological conditions such as stroke and spinal cord injury. Her current work primarily focuses on using electromyography (EMG) and functional electrical stimulation (FES) to restore hand and arm function in adults with upper extremity paralysis. "I was drawn to the NeuroTech Institute because of its commitment to innovation and its focus on developing cutting-edge technologies for people living with neurological conditions," Dr. Wengerd said. Collaborating with other like-minded individuals to break down barriers to clinical translation was inspiring to her, and joining the NTI team gives her the opportunity to share her passion of improving the lives of others while bringing new solutions for neurological conditions to market faster. “My patients have always been my 'why,' and I feel confident that working in the Neurotech Institute will enhance my ability to make meaningful change."

  • Ohio State collaborates with not-for-profit to develop technology for neurological disorders

    A recent article by the Lantern featuring the launch of the NeuroTech Institute in partnership with The Ohio State University and Battelle. Led by CEO Dr. Tim Lucas and COO Heather Sever, the article highlights the institute's collaborative approach to developing new treatments for patients with neurological disorders. Read the full article.

  • Featured Article: His seizure sparked a terrifying fall that uncovered a long-sought answer

    The story of Carter Caldwell, who had been hesitant to undergo surgery for his seizures until a fall convinced him otherwise, is recounted in an article in The Washington Post. Dr. Tim Lucas is featured in the article for his collaboration with Caldwell in finding a solution to his epilepsy, and Caldwell speaks of the reassurance and support he received from Lucas during the process. Read the full article and learn about how Dr. Lucas was able to provide a solution to Carter's ongoing epilepsy.

  • Ohio State and Battelle establish partnership

    The Ohio State University and Battelle have partnered to launch an independent state-of-the art neurotechnology accelerator focused on treatments for patients with neurological disorders. Read the full article.

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